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Double Skinned Systems


These are used either where there is no chimney cavity available because it is being used by another flue, very often the boiler. Or the installation is to be placed in a section of the room where the chimney flue isn’t accessible to use.

We would aim to come off the top of the fire in 316L ridged black powder coated stainless steel sections vertically until about half a meter from the ceiling of the room, this would then change to a twin walled stainless steel type flue, the system we use comes with a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee. There are a lot of cheaper versions that only have a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty but we believe this to be the best.


Description of the elements included in a twin walled install: 


Is made of double wall stainless steel elements. Each element is made from high quality stainless steel (AISI 316 L) with a wall thickness of 0.5mm and a ceramic 25mm insulation. All elements and their performance are tested and certified by the TÜV product certification body. This system has a patented Twist-Lock assembly and the various elements have been designed with great precision, giving the install security and a solid installation to make a fantastic quality finished product; we believe we can offer the best price for this ‘quality’ product install. Double wall with an integrated Twist-Lock system, allows you to reach the desired height for your chimney, twist locking sections together and clamping them with lockable collars to give a sturdy and secure system, the clamps, equipped with a click closure system, help strengthen your chimney between each element. Most systems available on the marked do not twist lock and the quality is inferior to what we use. Be sure you look at the quality and guarantee of what you are paying for not just the price.

Aluminium roof flashing

The double-walled chimney roof flashing is used to cross a pitched roof mostly between

5-35 °. It is composed of lead and stainless steel and ensures the tightness of your duct. On request, we can offer you a variant with flat roof flashing or roof between 30-45 °

Storm Collar

The flashing collar completes the roof flashing. This is to be added when passing the duct through the roof to add an additional protection element against wind and rain.


A rain and wind cap is necessary when the flue is installed this prevents rain from entering your chimney flue system and it is a good protection against the wind and bird resistant.

Junction Collar Wall collar

helps stabilize your chimney wall.


Technical characteristics

Material :

Stainless steel interior 316 L / exterior 304


Double Wall thickness:  0.5 mm

Insulation:  25 mm

Category of corrosivity:  V2

Temperature class: T600

Waterproof class:  N1

Poly fuel: gas, oil, coal and wood 

Operating temperature : 600 ° C in constant use

tested up to 1000 ° C

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Through a meter thick granite wall

Totally sealed to protect the cermamic interior

Sealed top and bottom

Each section Clamps Together, for strength

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What ever the shape, we can do it


Through the roof


25 Year Manufactuerers Warranty

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Installation & work involved 

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