Simple Rear Standard System - Flexible flue, in the chimney


This is where the fire may be too big to fit into the fireplace itself, so it will stand forwards on the hearth the fireplace and the log burner would be flued off the back of the fire, but would still use the existing chimney cavity. The fireplace itself would be sealed off using fireboard, and the fire standing in front. Using rigid sections of black powder coated 316L stainless steel off the back off the fire, though the sealed off fireplace and into the existing chimney.

As the solid sections pass through the fireboard they would terminate into a special connector which allows us to change into the twin walled 316L stainless steel flexible flue, this continues the full length of the chimney cavity and exits the top of the chimney, we would install some sort of capping method to close off the chimney itself, usually a concrete slab cemented into place with an exact hole cut into it for the flue to pass through. This is also cemented into place so as to prevent rain ingress and debris falling down the chimney. It would be finished with a 316L high-grade stainless-steel bird resistant down draft chapeau.

This install has a no quibble two-year guarantee on all parts and installation, and the stainless-steel materials come with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty.

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